"A teacher always learns more from her students than she could possibly impart to them"

Phyllis Lefohn, of MOUNTAINSPIRIT QIGONG, has studied the movement of qi for more than 20 years, including yoga, tai chi, and Reiki, plus numerous qigong forms.

Teaching qigong has been Lefohn's primary focus since 1994. She has studied extensively with Chen, Hui-xian, Professor of Qigong at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Portland, Oregon. In addition, Phyllis continues to deepen and enrich her practice of qigong, studying in the U.S. and China with many masters, including Madame Liu He, Dr. Liu Dong, Master Zhang Yu-lei, Master Wang Zhe-Zhong, Professor Yu Xiao-fei, Professor Lin Qing-quan, Professor Chen Fu-yin, Dr. Pan Xin, and Dr. Li Shan Yu.

Phyllis and her husband, Allen, have resided in the mountains of Montana since 1976. It is here, among the rocks and the Ponderosa Pines, tended by the bear, the deer, the raven, and the coyote, that the very spirit of MOUNTAINSPIRIT QIGONG was nurtured for many years before becoming a reality in 1996.




Soaring Crane Qigong (Level I, II, & III): Oregon College of Oriental Medicine


Essence Qigong: Academy of Somatic Science, Beijing, China

* Jade Woman Qigong: Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School
* 1000 Hands Buddha: Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School

Turtle Longevity Qigong: Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

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