Nearly anyone. (With 2 exceptions; see below.)* Because Qigong relies primarily on the power of the mind, it is possible to obtain benefits from qigong practice by visualizing any movements that you cannot do physically.

*Most forms of qigong should not be practiced by pregnant women or by those with mental illness or instability.

Yes. Qigong complements nearly all forms of medical care. It is advised that you check with your health care practitioner before beginning Qigong. Always consult your medical practitioner before reducing or stopping medication or stopping any form of medical treatment.

Qigong is the energy work that underlies all of the martial arts. If you are trying to improve your health, practicing a qigong form that is designed specifically for that purpose (e.g., Soaring Crane) will help you achieve your goal faster than practicing a martial art.

Definitely yes. In fact, Qigong complements all other energy work and will deepen your understanding of martial arts or yoga.

Yes. Physical Therapists, Chiropracters, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Rolfers, Nurses, Physicians, and all practitioners doing energy work (e.g., Therapueutic Touch, Reiki, Shiatsu, CranioSacral Therapy) find that practicing qigong helps them balance their own energy, protect themselves, and channel energy to their patients or clients when appropriate.

Yes. The power of Qigong is in the mental work...the visualizations. Any part of the Routines that you cannot do physically can be done solely with visualization. In some cases, healing of the affected area of the body is possible with Qigong.

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