This is the awakening time for human beings.”
Master Liang, Guang Hua

Awakening Light Gong guides us to connect with the Spiritual Light, gently and safely filling each chakra with its healing power.  For centuries, people have sought methods of opening to the light.  Master Liang, Guang Hua, trained as a small boy by the monks of Pu Ji Si Temple in China, studied spiritual and healing practices throughout China for many years. He ultimately created the intensely powerful Awakening Light Gong form, drawing on Tibetan Secret Buddhism, Taoism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Spiritual Light, the life-force of the Universe, is the light that can never be extinguished.” 
Master Liang, Guang Hua

Although we refer to Awakening Light Gong as a qigong form, it is technically a “light gong” form - a form that connects us directly to the light, rather than to the qi (which comes from the light).  The result is a practice with amazing and rapid healing power.

Both the sitting and standing parts of Awakening Light Gong use mantras, mudras (hand positions), visualization, and sacred music.  The practitioner quickly finds that the form is working on the deepest levels of mind, body, and spirit.  Students report that they have more energy and life seems much easier to live. “I feel as though my heart is singing,” said one student. Students often speak of a sense of joy, of inner calm, that comes from practicing Awakening Light Gong.  It is within that place of inner calm that healing can happen.

Awakening Light Gong is exceptionally easy to learn and can be practiced by people with a variety of physical abilities.  In my experience as teacher of many forms, I find that Awakening Light Gong is the form that people most often continue to practice on their own, inspired by ease of mastery and rapid effects.

During the 1990’s, Master Liang asked Professor Chen, Hui Xian to bring Awakening Light Gong to the West but cautioned her to practice secretly for 10 years before bringing it out in public.

“Now I understand Master Liang’s request,” explains Professor Chen, “he knew then that it would take another 10 years for the West to be ready for Awakening Light Gong.  Truly, the awakening time has now arrived for all people.”

Note: Awakening Light Gong is not appropriate for those with a history of mental illness.

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